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Annihilation: When Adaptation Becomes Transformation
  • Published in ‘Adaption’, issue #6 of The Reel Thing, a zine by the Oxford Film Appreciation Society.

Film adaptations often get a bad rap for diverging too far from their source material. Alex Garland’s 2019 film Annihilation avoids these comparisons by making the process of adaptation itself reflect the film’s themes of doubles and transformation.

The Big Queer Monster

Lil Nas X sparked controversy with the music video for his single Montero, yet its bold, explicit imagery follows a long tradition of queer identification with the cultural figure of the monster.


Express to Beijing West Railway Station – Congyun “Mu Ming” Gu
《开往西站的特别列车》 – 慕明

One night, after taking the wrong train, our narrator finds himself in an alternative version of Beijing West Railway Station, where he is given the opportunity to change the trajectory of his whole life.

Forty Days: Growing Closer to My Parents During Quarantine – Deng Anqing
《隔离在家一个月,我与父母的关系变好了》 – 邓安庆
  • Translated collaboratively as part of the Give-it-a-Go translation project, run by the Leeds Centre for New Chinese Writing and Paper Republic.
  • Published on the Writing Chinese website as the final instalment in the Read Paper Republic: Epidemic essay series.

Author Deng Anqing reflects on his experiences at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, and how his relationship with his parents has evolved.


Jade Life: In Conversation with Andrew Shaw

English-born Andrew Shaw is China’s only foreign master carver of jade. Over the course of one hour, he discusses his personal history with jade carving and the significance of jade for Chinese culture.

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